[Modern] Progressive House music


Jul 18, 2021
I want to steal the idea from the other progressive thread, but this one is for the modern sounds, which I dig so much. I'm thinking for tracks that are past 2007 onwards.

We have so much progressive music today but since 2007 it has become very very hard to find top quality ones. So much boring and lifeless prog, or really cheese melodic stuff. Today is a battle of fighting through 100's of tracks before you find ones that are worthy. Anjunadeep went from 5 great tracks a week to 5 great tracks and month and now we have 5-10 great tracks in the year total, whelp. Just how it goes for so many genres today. Even so there are many great progressive tracks to share and it's one of my all time favorite genres. 2010-2012 might be my favorite year.

I hoping this thread can highlight those ones that really go the extra mile in bringing us the fantastic journey, rhythmic groove or progressive atmosphere. Think carefully is all I ask... there is too much mediocre prog out there and not enough standards. I myself like probably too much average prog, I will do my best not to share that here, only the best hehe.

Matt Lange - Rift

16 Bit Lollitas - Nobody Seems To Care