Out Now: Rigel - Magnetic Storm (Compilation) [SpaceWarp Records]

ManMadeMan, Etnica, Rigel, Coral, Moaiact, Lennielazerbeam, Barby, Sungirl, Arkamena
Release title
Magnetic Storm
Label name
SpaceWarp Records
Release date
Nov 30, 2023
Release type
Mix compilation
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Aug 2, 2020
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Release Date: 2023-11-30
Label: SpaceWarp Records
Catalog: SPARMU008

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UK Psytrance pioneers ManMadeMan lead us into the musical journey of “Magnetic Storm”, don’t be fooled by their chilled out intro, that catapults your mind into an infusion of enticing psychedelic beats, before handing over to Italian psychedelic legends, Etnica who mediate the force of gravitational interaction with their breath taking audio mystery and spine-tingling wizardry.

Greek producer and compiler, RIGEL, unleashes the quirky madness within, as he engages warp speed once again and delivers his trance-floor stomper, before USA producer Coral takes over, setting your mind into an unimaginable wonder.

Chilean producer Moaiact sweeps you into a magnetism of pulsating beats and catchy hooks, leaving you wanting more before, UK psytrance duo Lennielazerbeam charge up their full-on sound leading you deeper into Rigels “Magnetic Storm”.

Chilean producer Barby sucks you into his trance-quake depth and cutting rhythm before dropping you into the world of Russian psytrance producer Sungirl who weaves a heart-pounding, adrenalized rush of full-on psychedelic beats and mantra infused vox.

Australian producer Arkamena catches your imagination and leads you into an array of chilled out downtempo beats, harmonising your mind, bringing “Magnetic Storm” to a perfect close.

“Magnetic Storm”, is encapsulated with driving psychedelia throughout, compiled and mastered by Rigel, with an artistic backdrop by Mick Usher. Until next time…


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Jun 17, 2022
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Not bad but would have liked a bit more variety in the sounds.