Richie Blacker - Summer of Rave EP [Of Unsound Mind]

Richie Blacker
Release title
Summer of Rave EP
Label name
Of Unsound Mind
Release date
Jul 25, 2020
Release type


TranceFix Crew
Jun 27, 2020
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More Trance/Breaks/Oldschool music, and just like Trance Wax he is from Belfast. Personally I really like this stuff. Summer of Rave my favourite.

Summer of Rave

Rave Memories

Sesh Gremlins
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Senior Member
Sep 24, 2020
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Rave breaks is making a return? Classy execution of the style here. Very nice surprise.


TranceFix Crew
Jun 27, 2020
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My thoughts exactly. All "at least it's great to hear something like this in 2020" comments aside, this does nothing for me. Sorry to be that guy, but sounds a bit amateurish to me.

That breaks section in Allende's Simpler Times is what appeals to me. It's so full of energy and raw positivity, happiness, whereas, in comparison, this is just a collection of sounds to my ears.