1. Yaroslav Kulikov

    Yaroslav Kulikov - The Way to the Stars (Single) [Digital Melody Records]

    Hey! I am glad to present you my new uplifting trance release which was released today! Happy listening and have a nice day! - https://band.link/5aHLl You can also hear all my current trance releases in this spotify playlist -
  2. Altair

    Sean Tyas & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Arcobaleno [2012]

    When these two work at writing a great melody, holy SHIT can they pull it off! There was a more 2.0 style original mix, but it's not even worth mentioning IMO. This came out the summer I graduated, so it's pretty nostalgic for me ☺️
  3. Altair

    Baltic Sound - Glimmer [2007]

    One of the greater progressive tracks of the 00s, and almost completely unknown. I think I stumbled across it on the old forum once. Apparently the distributors messed up the titles of the remixes during the release, but Ilya Malyuev himself confirmed this is the original in a comment on the...
  4. Trance-M

    Lisaya - Love Of Yesterday (Extended Mix) [Ablazing Records]

    First release at Rene Ablaze's label Ablazing Records for the Dutch producer Lisaya with a beautiful vocal track:
  5. Altair

    Tarkan - Pare Pare (Tiësto Mix) [2008]

    I originally found this in a pirated compilation of ALL of Tiësto's remixes (of which I ended up saving about sixty of them). It's a textbook perfect Tiësto track - propulsive, melancholic, uplifting and which isn't afraid to draw itself out with three different climaxes. So I naturally thought...
  6. R

    Classic Uplifting Trance

    Dear Friends A few years ago I created this track in uplifting classic trance style. I started listening to it again and I started to like it a lot. It's not at FSOE quality, but at that moment I tried to give my best. I hope you enjoy it! Best regards, Brandt Hoff
  7. Sleepy Robot

    Magnus - Lighthouse (Artist Album) [TBA]

    Magnus is coming back! After a long break from music, I am happy to announce my return with a new artist album titled "Magnus – Lighthouse." Ahead of the album's release in early 2024, here’s a preview of the title track, "Lighthouse." I have been frequently asked about this track since first...
  8. Altair

    Ordinary People (The Lords & Ladies of Shamballa) - Mahatma [1996]

    In the mid-late nineties, Marc Mitchell was ON FIRE. He made numerous incredible examples of the "trance epic" - long playing tracks with clear evolving movements - under names like Sunday Club and Human Movement. This one-off is probably his most obscure (the label only existed for this one...
  9. Altair

    DuMonde - Never Look Back [2001]

    "Hard trance" at its BEST. I'm curious to ask any German-speakers what the phrase is that the vocalist whispers throughout the track (and then sings over the chorus). Never been able to find that in the official lyrics online, and it doesn't seem to be a German translation of the English...
  10. Altair

    Altair - Wild and Free [2019]

    This is a track that I once posted on the old forum, so I thought I'd repost it here too. Was something originally inspired by a pirated Kesha vocal stem (from which I synthesized the pad sounds), and which I sat on for about three years before I buckled down and finished it. At one point an old...
  11. Altair

    Global Warming - Surrender [2007]

    A little-known cut from 2007, but one that goes very hard IMO. I first encountered this in high school (late 2009-early 2010) on a long-since defunct YouTube channel that posted obscure trance with space art. Many years later I made my own album art for it (using an artwork I found on...
  12. Uplifted

    Will Rees ft. Tara Greene - Spiralling [Subculture]

    It's been 10 years since I've discovered Will Rees in 2013, and he still is on fire. I rarely enjoy any vocal trance these days, but this one is pretty epic. As always, his melodies are out of this world \o/ Will Rees ft. Tara Greene - Spiralling (starting from 38:07) + slowed down version...
  13. Uplifted

    OUT PROJECT DINO - Music from Where We Go To (Artist Album)

    I've just encountered this album from a new name for me - Dino Biedermann aka Project Dino. Mr. Ricky aka The Digital Blonde sent it to me and said "It's not me", lol. The first track in this album definitely reminds me of him, it's really amazing. Other tracks from the album are not too...
  14. Trance-M

    Lisaya - Aftermath [Lisaya Music]

    After several recent chill out releases under his Roan Portman alias together with the spoken word musician Shane Beck (poet), Dutch producer Lisaya now released a new uplifting trance track. As he's also 3D artist making videos with Unreal he now made a video using AI, more details in the...
  15. Altair

    John Dopping - Words in Colour [2014]

    One of the most energetic melodies I've ever heard in a trance track; the climax of this just keeps going hard far longer than it needs to and I love it for that. A perfect number for raving in the dark, and I hope I can be a DJ who drops this live in just such a context one day.
  16. Altair

    Lolo - Sunset [2002]

    Trance from the heart. There was also an ambient mix from Adrien Aubrun in 2008: And I made my own custom artwork a number of years ago:
  17. Altair

    Ultimate - If We Were [2013]

    All of this guy's stuff sounded essentially the same, but he had a great, spacey style, and in this case the melody was equally spacey. Really great tune for dancing under the stars ✨
  18. Altair

    Shogun - Space Odyssey [2011]

    Say what you will about this artist, but IMO the uplifting tracks released under his name that were almost certainly ghosted by Beat Service during 2010-12 were some of the best examples of trance 2.0, and of those this probably takes the cake. SO many goosebumps during that breakdown and build...
  19. Altair

    Altair - Frozen Fire

    This is my first fully original track in almost four years, and the first I made using all four of my hardware synthesizers. My favourite music always elicits certain environments in my head, so I aimed to capture more or less the same that's in the artwork. I also went for some Jon Hopkins...
  20. No Return

    Ronksi Speed - E.O.S (+ Positive Ways Mix) [2004]

    In my opinion it's the Positive Ways remix that shines the brightest. It has a more relaxed spirit but still brings the emotion. It's an amazing track. Positive Ways Mix Original Mix