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Jul 17, 2020
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Damn! @Uplifted
Great effort. How much free time do you have mate? 😁

Some I've not come across in a long time and some not at all. Thanks ! Will definitely check some out.
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Jul 22, 2020
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859. Li Kwan - Point Zero
ROFLANEBALO )))))))))))))

there is no top 1000 everything is relative.

Good job on your list, must have been fun to put together.
once i picked 3K tracks for my friends from my 35K. i needed to think "does it fit would he like it"
IT WAS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE TORTURE. brain was overloaded and i was so fucking exhausted afterwards, so again it depends...


Aug 2, 2020
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I missing: "Dj Spoke - Night Line Komet" :p But once you make it through 1000 you starts finding little gems it is crazy time consuming, and it cost a lot of nerves. And you can't just finish at 1000 because there are much more great songs and you want to find them all.