Tracks with female orgasm samples


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Jul 19, 2020
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John Askew - Plush (Original Mix) [2014] (starting from 4:47)

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This still has one of my favorite blurbs of all time:
John is a massive satchel. I have the misfortune of sharing an office with him. He keeps insisting that Perfecto Fluoro is a Goa trance label that doesn’t release 140 but guess what? When my back is turned he goes and sneaks a 140 track into the schedule. Honestly – I have never met a more hypocritical bell end in all my life. Still, if John’s style of music floats your boat and you enjoyed his recent productions (Commander Tom “Are am Eye” remix, JOC “Stresstest” remix, Empirion “Narcotic Influence” remix or his single “Shine” etc etc) then I guess you may like this one.
When I asked John to describe the sound of this record he said “it sounds the same as all my other shit but this time it has the added bonus of people having sex all the way through it”.
In true egotistical style there are no remixes.