1. BladeRunner_

    Russ Gabriel - Peace For Thought [1993]


    Third Eye - New Life [1993]

    Another gem that deserves its own thread in the classic section. 'New Life' is absolutely beautiful (imo it would be better without the woman voice, but ok) This is a Australian production/release.. 'Mark Spoon' somehow found this record and signed it for German audience on his 'Save The Vinyl'...

    X-Dream feat. Planet B.E.N. ‎- The 5th Dimension [1993]

    'Tunnel Records' Hamburg was best known for tasteless Hard Trance, but even this label could make some decent releases in the early days.. 'Rush Mix' is my favourite from the pack. X-Dream feat. Planet B.E.N. ‎- The 5th Dimension X-Dream feat. Planet B.E.N. ‎- The 5th Dimension (Rush Mix)...
  4. Archon

    Space Time Continuum - Fluresence EP [1993]

    Fantastic, trippy ambient & techno from the early 90s. Love all, however Transmitter might be something else. A1 Fluresence A2 Transmitter B1 Drift B2 Drug #6 https://www.discogs.com/release/22059-Space-Time-Continuum-Fluresence-EP

    William Orbit - Water From A Vine Leaf [1993]

    One of the finest on Guerilla if you ask, hope you will enjoy: William Orbit - Water From A Vine Leaf (Xylem Flow Mix) William Orbit - Water From A Vine Leaf (Acid Bath Mix) Many people are also into the two Underwold versions, but I stay with these two posted above
  6. BladeRunner_

    Digital Excitation - Sunburst [1993]


    Perry & Rhodan - The Beat Just Goes Straight On & On [1993]

    Sorry epic-trance lover's and also sorry proggy-heads, this track is not really for you ..no drama, no uplifting breakdown, the beat just goes on & on... I always was and I always will be a huge fan of this track.. all time class.. and still sounds fresh.!. from time to time i still play it in...

    Illuminatus - Hope [1993]

    Huge classic, the Spicelab/Oliver Lieb Remix is pure gold and its maybe my most favourite Oliver Lieb production of all times! Illuminatus - Hope (Spicelab Remix) Here is the original Trance Mix for curiosity The Spicelab Remix was released one year after the original release, in 1994.

    Nail - Cassiopeia [1993]

    Another tune from my summer playlist. The track needs its own thread on the forum. Neil was only 18 when he made the track. Pure love, enjoy:

    Ramin - Moonchild [1993]

    One of my beloved 'summer is here' tracks, I really love the atmo. Ramin - Moonchild

    Virtual Symmetry - Discovered Theme EP [1993]

    I play this track on every spring season for many years now. spring '21 is already here, so why dont share it here on the forum... Virtual Symmetry - See You