Jirah & Magnus - Furthest Reach + Sinelock 2019 [2019]

Jirah, Magnus
Release title
Furthest Reach + Sinelock 2019
Label name
Perfecto Fluoro
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Jul 19, 2020
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Released: 20 December 2019
Label: Perfecto Fluoro
Cat#: PRFLU115


Jirah and Magnus have teamed up to bring us a melodic and powerful psytrance banger of a track in their collaboration called Furthest Reach. By unifying their unique writing styles, they have combined power with beauty, giving birth to a sonic masterpiece.

Rounding out the release is a Magnus original, Sinelock 2019. This track is an update to the previously released original Sinelock on Perfecto Fluoro back in 2014. Sinelock 2019 stays true to the original while breathing new life into a track that fans of the original and new listeners will both enjoy!

Furthest Reach (Jirah collab w/ Magnus)

Sinelock 2019

Thought this was worth adding to this here forum plot of land.

Some may remember that Jirah remixed Magnus' 2nd Born (the track, not the child) on Borderline about 10 years ago. Sample @1:17:00-ish in the mix below and here.

The original version of Sinelock (from relaunched Fluoro's massive 50th release) still would be my pick, but the 2019 update is rather good in its own right. Quite fond of Furthest Reach, though.
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