Various Artists - The Remix Album [Prognosis Records]

Various Artists
Release title
The Remix Album
Label name
Prognosis Records
Release date
Oct 20, 2023
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Apr 27, 2021
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London, UK
It was probably after our third releases when we received a remix pack with the originals that the idea of a remix album first came to us. What about, a bunch of people we've signed, remix other people we've signed. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. So here it is, the first (there will be more) Prognosis remix album. 13 tracks from our first year or so expertly remixed. We wont waste your time describing all the tunes when you'll have a lot more fun listening to them. We will say everyone has knocked it out of the park for this and there truly is something for everyone who loves progressive vibes.

Façade - The One True Morty (Mind Of Us Remix)
Focus FL - Zarathustra (Selsi Remix)
John Clarcq - The Great Reset (Sam T Harper Remix)
Kooku - Giraffe (Steven Flynn Remix)
Last 2 Standing - Arrival (Kooku Remix)
Lloyd Barwood - Whole New World (Facade Remix)
Mike Bentley - Dark Matter (Ranj Kaler Remix)
Mind of Us - Behind Her Eyes (Last 2 Standing Remix)
Rank Kaler - Lulani (Mike Bentley Remix)
Sam T Harper - Chasing Stars (John Clarcq Remix)
Selsi - Congruence (Lloyd Barwood Remix)
Steven Flynn - Mairead (Strange Malcolm Remix)
Strange Malcolm - Sally's Dream (Focus FL)