1. TomYelland

    Chicane featuring The Power Circle - Offshore 97 (Inc Salt Tank's Pacific Storm) (Xtravaganza - 1997)

    Disco Citizens Vocal Mix Salt Tank's Pacific Storm - Edit Salt Tank's Pacific Storm - Full Length A Man Called Adam Remix Red Skies
  2. TomYelland

    Chicane - Offshore (Inc Disco Citizens Remix) (Xtravaganza - 1996)

    Disco Citizens Remix Disco Citizens Club Mix Original Mix Natural Born Grooves Remix (Modena Records Release only) One of the original Ibiza anthems and one of my all time favourite records
  3. Uplifted

    Similar trance tracks & rip-offs

    I think this thread might be really interesting as I love noticing the similarities in trance melodies & finding ripped-off tracks :) Nowadays I keep recognizing the same & same similarities with older tracks and this keeps getting on my nerves. So many tracks are getting released without...
  4. Electronlyman

    HOT RIGHT NOW - YouTube Playlist

    I figured it wouldn't be bad at all to create a dedicated thread for those of us, who enjoy listening, creating YouTube playlists. 🙂 This will hopefully be a great way to find new gems, discover music previously unknown to us.. I'll start off with a short 5-track one that I've put together in...
  5. T

    Future Breeze ‎– Smile (Van Bellen Remix)

    Mesmerizing Van Bellen's remix
  6. olivercattley

    Remixes EP2 [Tranceform]

    Andrew White's remix of "Shadow" for you prog lovers The Avains remix of "Dreamers" for those of you that like uplifting & tech: Out on Monday :-)
  7. D

    Salt Tank - Eugina (Inc. Remixes) [2000]

    Hi everyone, Great thread this! Especially as I love nothing more than discovering a diamond-grade trance tune from yesteryear! Thank you for all your posts so far. Anyway, the Michael Woods Remix of Salt Tank - Eugina is, in my opinion, an outstanding trance tune for a number of reasons: a)...
  8. Uplifted

    FX Zone - Synthasia (incl. Nu NRG Remix) [2003]

    My favourite remix from this duo no doubt. Proper emotional 'Alphazone/Flutlicht/SCHOKK' style gem! \o/ FX Zone - Synthasia (Nu NRG Remix) FX Zone - Synthasia (Original Mix)
  9. Uplifted

    Airbase - Escape / For The Fallen [2006]

    I consider "Escape" as one of the most melancholic trance tracks ever and one of my personal favourites. A masterpiece from Jezper Söderlund. Also the piano part in "For The Fallen" is very nice :) Airbase - Escape (Original Mix) Airbase - For The Fallen (Original Mix)
  10. Katadunkass

    Smith & Pledger - Forever [2004]

    The worst part when creating this post is actually deciding which track to choose; You could honestly pick any Smith & Pledger track - these two were the masters of melodies on Anjunabeats some 15 years ago and this track surely prooves it. Smith & Pledger - Forever But as said before, I...
  11. Uplifted

    Arctic Quest - Renaissance / Femme Fatale [2006]

    Renaissance is one of my all-time favourite tracks. Arctic Quest - Renaissance Arctic Quest - Femme Fatale
  12. olivercattley

    Tranceform Sessions

    Tranceform Sessions 071 1) Carlos TK – Hope 2) Rodas – Stigma 3) Slam Duck – Towards The Blue 4) Syntouch – Refuge 5) Tinlicker – Sleepwalker 6) Arielle Andrist – Ferne 7) Aki Harunari – Ryugu 8) Exouler – Eternity 9) Christopher Corrigan – Indifference 10) Thorsten F – Fly Away 11) Jamieson...
  13. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT Horizons - Cusco EP (Feat. Coredata / Paranoia 106 Remixes) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC 027]

    Hello guys and congratz on the new board! 💪 So, here's a brand new release of mine on my own label Landscapes Music! ...And it features 2 remixes from 2 stunning producers in my opinion, who have offered 2 solid underground remixes for those who love psy-sounds or the deep melodic techno...
  14. Magdelayna

    OUT Magdelayna - Anthology II (2020 Artist Album) [Bandcamp]

    LINK >> Anthology II (Artist Album), by Magdelayna Tracklist :: 01 The Ashen Light Of Venus 02 Sunset On San Antonio 03 Tears For Adagio (Club Mix) 04 98 Returning 05 Rings Of Saturn (2019 Remake) 06 Stasis 07 Dark Atoms 08 The Voyage To Neptune
  15. Mr. Smith

    Smith Sessions Radioshow

    Smith Sessions Radioshow 217 (Incl. Guestmix by Kaeno) ★ TRACKLIST: 01. Tasadi & Noah Stewart Feat. NUMA - The Calling (Ashley Wallbridge Remix) [Serendipity] 02. Feel & Carrie - Falling Down (Dirkie Coetzee Remix) [Free] 03. Jameson Tullar & Leanne McCauley -...
  16. Katadunkass

    OUT Coredata - Wander [Album] [JOOF Recordings]

    Coredata returns, and this time with the wonderful Wander album. A firm nod to the classic Platipus sound. Groovy 303 lines provide a funky affair and it's imbued together with wild goa-esq synths, gorgeous atmospheres, and a feral undertone that is unmistakably unique. Wander through the...
  17. Hensmon

    Kalafut & Fygle ‎- Novocaine (Incl. Mark Otten Remix) [2004]

    Lot of people know the great Mark Otten remix from ISOS 5 and also Schulz remix is massive as well, maybe even more popular. Love this release and all versions. Markuz Schulz sound from this period was one of the best ever in my opinion. Original Mix Mark Otten Remix Markus Schulz...
  18. Hensmon

    Quazar - Sunflower (1994)

    Beautiful and smooth Trance experience. Label = Seven Stars Recordings