uplifting trance

  1. Paul Dallas

    Between Two Worlds 2023 (14-01-2024)

    Happy New Year, dear listeners! Here is Between Two Worlds 2023 - brand new part of yearly the best compilation series. Last year gave us very nice tunes & I very happy that a lot of it were in my favourite spacey sound! Prepare for 7-hours journey to the stars! Cue Tracklist: 01. Sunny Lax -...
  2. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Melodic Trancemission 5 (Reworked & Re-Mixed)(31-12-2009)

    Final chapter of my first compilation series Melodic Trancemission, fully reworked in one long mix with nice tunes from 2009 from progressive trance to uplifting & balearic trance. Originally it was in two parts. Hoe you'll enjoy it so far & Happy New Year to you, my fellow listeners...
  3. Andre Maier (aka NuroGL)

    Pervading Call - Destiny (Aces Delight Original Mix) [2003]

    Cant fault this track. Every. Single. Listen.... still in awe. 20 years later. I would vote this tune of the year every year if I could.
  4. Electronlyman

    Mark South - Class-X [Rated Records]

    New Trance release from a fresh, but very promising name on the Trance scene. Completely different to his first release 'Delicious'. With the sliding sound, it reminds me a bit of Roger Shah/Taucher styles from many many years ago. Kinda Balearic vibe, but with an Uplifting pace. I'm enjoying...
  5. BS_BlackScout

    Aly & Fila with Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif feat. Karim Youssef - The Chronicles (FSOE 500 Anthem) [2017]

    One of the best FSOE anthems out there, I absolutely love the melody: Cover Art
  6. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Sunny Days 6 (10-07-2023)

    Greetings in summer 2023, my dear listeners! When I only started working on new Sunny Days chapter, I thought - how fast time is going! It's already sixth chapter of it. First part as always with classic trance in summer vibes & hypnotic sound from the middle & end of 2000s. Second chapter is...
  7. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Between Two Worlds Lost Years: 2015

    Here is - Between Two Worlds Lost Years: 2015, brand new chapter of Between Two Worlds yearly the best compilation series. It's ressurrected Between Two Worlds The Best Of 2015, which was cancelled because of hard changes in my life that year. And now it's done with finest 61 tunes - from...
  8. PegaSus

    OUT Maria Healy - From Here [FSOE]

    Surprisingly good track from Healy!
  9. B

    OUT Brent Rix - Catalyst [Alter Ego Records]

    Label: Alter Ego Records Release Date: 2023-05-22 A producer who needs no introduction and here with a welcome return, Brent Rix! Catalyst is emotive and rich with energy. Brent always delivers and this is another very tasty uplifting track indeed! On remix duties we have the awesome Varsente...
  10. B

    OUT Brent Rix - Interstellar [Trancespired Recordings]

    We keep delivering top uplifting trance for you as we give you this beauty from South African producer, Brent Rix. 'Interstellar' will certainly have you and your audience to the stratosphere and beyond! Fantastic driving energy pulses throughout the intro and the interest is kept locked when...
  11. Sleepy Robot

    OUT DR S7R4NG3 - To The Unknown Man (A Homage To Vangelis Mix) [Infused Sound]

    March 29, 2023. Happy birthday to Vangelis up in the heavens. You gave us a taste of heaven here on earth with your music. Rest in peace. Your songs will live on forever.
  12. Gijs

    Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding - Miracle (Hardwell Remix)

    Wasn't expecting to see an uplifting trance remix of this song, especially not by Hardwell :oops: Can't say it's anything special production-wise but I do think Robbert didn't do a bad job at all
  13. AltAngSchmerz

    AltAngSchmerz - Ocean

    After a considerable amount of time sitting on it, I'm finally releasing yet another track here. Ocean is a creation that has been in the works since around 2020 just like "Beating Heart" and has undergone several iterations over the past few years. Although I initially intended to hold onto it...
  14. Paul Dallas

    YoDA - Between Two Worlds The Best Of 2012 Expanded (27-12-2012)

    Between Two Worlds The Best Of 2012 was the first part of BTW yearly the best comp. series. And it's re-mixed & expanded for 10 years anniversary! Originally it was in two parts - first part in EDM & second in trance. I decided to exclude EDM part because it was replacement for progressive...
  15. Skylander

    OUT Skylander & Tony Irrmani - Midnight Flower (Original and Extended Mixes) [Synchronized Melodies]

    Skylander & Tony Irrmani make their debut on Synchronized Melodies with dream trance anthem called 'Midnight Flower'! Stream and download: https://ffm.to/smel042
  16. olivercattley

    Flashbacks Project 001

    I was recently asked by a good promoter friend for links to any classics mixes and a couple of months ago I had to wave goodbye to the best car I ever owned. The replacement was so old it only had a CD player. When I browsed the CDs I had in an old wallet I came across a load of old mixes that...
  17. S

    OUT Stevy Forello - Never Let Me Go (Incl DRYM remix) [Serendipity Muzik / BlackHole]

    Hello everyone, Thanks for clicking around, new music from myself coming up! Amazing remix from DRYM here, really happy with their work. Pre-order and low quality samples available on Beatport. Thanks for checking! Stevy Forello debuts on Serendipity with Never Let Me Go a powerful trance...
  18. BS_BlackScout

    OUT Tensteps & glasscat - Breathe [Find Your Harmony]

    I heard this one in ASOT and quite liked to be honest. I usually find most uplifting there quite boring despite loving the genre. I think the break is what made it for me. Got instantly hooked to that saw sequence.
  19. BS_BlackScout

    OUT Elysian - Water (Stoneblue Remix) [Anjunabeats]

    Initially teased in October 4, 2020 in ilan Bluestone's instagram page About 2 years later the remix sees its debut on Anjunabeats. YouTube Music: Opinion: The original teaser featured better sustained like notes in the build up + drop that are now an arppeggio. This arppeggio sounds...