uplifting trance

  1. TomYelland

    Quietman - Now & Zen (Platipus Records)

    Quietman - Now & Zen Quietman - Now & Zen (Earth Nation Mix) Quietman - Meditate
  2. AltAngSchmerz

    AltAngSchmerz - Oddly Harmonic

    This is one of my first tracks, it sounds terribly mixed and mastered. However, that track was the first one where by the time I had finished it I felt it sounded more or less decent. Of course, a few months after learning a bit more about music production I realize that this track actually...
  3. BS_BlackScout

    OUT Jorn Van Deynhoven & Sue McLaren - I Need Your Lovin' (Like The Sunshine) [Armada]

    Ghosted by Dennis Schimonik.
  4. Magdelayna

    Magdelayna - Accessing Your Memories [2015]

  5. BS_BlackScout

    Aerodynamic - Enjoy The Ride (Numa! Club Mix) [2008]

    One of my favourite classics of this era :V. I don't think this was released as a single anywhere, I can only find it in compilations.
  6. D

    Salt Tank - Eugina (Inc. Remixes) [2000]

    Hi everyone, Great thread this! Especially as I love nothing more than discovering a diamond-grade trance tune from yesteryear! Thank you for all your posts so far. Anyway, the Michael Woods Remix of Salt Tank - Eugina is, in my opinion, an outstanding trance tune for a number of reasons: a)...
  7. AltAngSchmerz

    Moby - In This World (AltAngSchmerz Bootleg)

    I am really nervous about posting this here because I'm pretty much a bedroom producer. But this track turned out pretty good and I felt like sharing it with the world, maybe I have a chance at being good at this. I absolutely love Trance and have been trying to produce something decent for...
  8. BS_BlackScout

    Ayumi Hamasaki - Far Away (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Extended Remix) [2011]

    Ghosted by Dennis Schimonik. Amazing remix though.
  9. olivercattley

    Tranceform Sessions

    Tranceform Sessions 071 1) Carlos TK – Hope 2) Rodas – Stigma 3) Slam Duck – Towards The Blue 4) Syntouch – Refuge 5) Tinlicker – Sleepwalker 6) Arielle Andrist – Ferne 7) Aki Harunari – Ryugu 8) Exouler – Eternity 9) Christopher Corrigan – Indifference 10) Thorsten F – Fly Away 11) Jamieson...
  10. Aric3

    Silvertear - So Deep (Perfect Sphere Remix) [2001]

    I’ll make my first thread in this section about a song that I really appreciate. This song always lifts me up whoever I listen to it. One of my favorite things about the track is right before the main melody picks up, putting that melody under a deep phaser. I just like that effect a lot.
  11. BS_BlackScout

    Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Sunshine (Incl. Nitrous Oxide Remix) [2008]

    A little ghosting here and there but what stands out to me is Nitrous Oxide's remix.
  12. Dave Chimny

    Dave Chimny – Ganorium Voyage

    Dave Chimny – Ganorium Voyage 477 01 Quizzow, Leonard A & Joseph Vega - Altair (Extended Mix) 02 Bodo Kaiser - Same same but different (Original Mix) 03 Peter Santos - Infinity around us (Extended Mix) 04 Aldo Henrycho - Caravan (Extended Mix) 05 ReOrder - 6PM (Extended Mix) 06 Jorn van...
  13. BS_BlackScout

    Neptune Project - Numb [2014]

    Not that classic but not recent enough. Published by Involved (Anjuna) for some reason. Probably because it sounds an awful lot like Free State - Release.
  14. Magdelayna

    OUT Magdelayna - Anthology II (2020 Artist Album) [Bandcamp]

    LINK >> Anthology II (Artist Album), by Magdelayna Tracklist :: 01 The Ashen Light Of Venus 02 Sunset On San Antonio 03 Tears For Adagio (Club Mix) 04 98 Returning 05 Rings Of Saturn (2019 Remake) 06 Stasis 07 Dark Atoms 08 The Voyage To Neptune
  15. Mr. Smith

    Smith Sessions Radio

    Smith Sessions Radioshow 217 (Incl. Guestmix by Kaeno) soundcloud.com/mrsmithdeejay | youtube.com/MrSmithDeejay | mixcloud.com/mrsmithdeejay ★ TRACKLIST: 01. Tasadi & Noah Stewart Feat. NUMA - The Calling (Ashley Wallbridge Remix) [Serendipity] 02. Feel & Carrie - Falling Down (Dirkie...
  16. BS_BlackScout

    OUT Erislandy - Totem (Extended Mix) [Monster Force]

    I quite like the drop on this one...
  17. BS_BlackScout

    ilan Bluestone pres. Stoneblue - Avoriaz ID [?Anjunabeats?]

    First heard in his Instagram as a tease, then later on ASOT, his Twitch streams and even used as (believe it or not) Anjunabeats Elevations promo material... This is a still unreleased yet great track that if gets released on Anjunabeats will break the 138 / Uplifting Trance silence after 9...