Shocking stuff that destroys what was once our trance scene


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Dec 5, 2020
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a lot of the "masterclasses" are created by people who have no idea what they're doing
Haha so true.

Youtube is great resource for new producers, but I always say you should checkout the music these content creators are putting out themselves before taking their advice.
The amount of them that are middling producers art best, yet are putting out videos on "The secret to great bass the PROS don't want you know about" ( :ROFLMAO: ) is ridiculous.


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Jul 2, 2020
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I think you are a bit too naive with this one.

This is a fraud and sex offender, check the video's posted here, with a strange (likely fake) social account, 50k followers, never posts about actual music. Strange "deejay" photo's with amateur dj set-up and zero audience.

He also posted a poster of ADE with his photo in it. But I can't find any ADE event with his name, so not sure if that is real (probably not).

Plus... imagine being a producer. If your track is released, you WILL check it out. It's a great moment to have your track on the portals. To share it on platforms.

This is a guy who posts statistics like millions of plays, thousands of followers, etc. (fake people always love the stats...). So it's not like the guy doesn't check out the platforms... He surely knows what tracks are there under his name.

Plus... if the track had no information... how would they know the title was Heaven Scent? Where did Bedrock go?

It's a stupid story, pretty clear imo.
I just find it hard to cope with the fact that people like this are out there. Felt the same thing about the Giuseppe Ottaviani vs Adam Ellis situation I've posted before, I've listened to some of Ellis' music and he seemed to be an alright and decent producer/guy to me. I just don't get why people do things as idiotic as this and I don't think I ever will 😖