progressive breaks

  1. facade1984

    Various Artists - The Remix Album [Prognosis Records]

    It was probably after our third releases when we received a remix pack with the originals that the idea of a remix album first came to us. What about, a bunch of people we've signed, remix other people we've signed. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. So here it is, the first (there will...
  2. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Between Two Worlds Lost Years: 2015

    Here is - Between Two Worlds Lost Years: 2015, brand new chapter of Between Two Worlds yearly the best compilation series. It's ressurrected Between Two Worlds The Best Of 2015, which was cancelled because of hard changes in my life that year. And now it's done with finest 61 tunes - from...
  3. Sleepy Robot

    OUT You Are My Salvation - Remnant / Desolated [Forescape Digital]

    When this man sends you his new tracks you get an instant rush of adrenaline, you know they're gonna be damn good. John Eriksson (aka YAMS) delivered these stunning slabs of Deep Trance and Progressive Breaks called 'Remnant' and 'Desolated'. No words or description needed here, this is...
  4. Sleepy Robot

    OUT John Dopping - The Losing Struggle [Artist Album] [Ayra Recordings]

    Apparently John dropped an album. I'm not a big fan of the 3rd track with the vocals but the rest is pretty good. Mostly consist of Breaks and Chill/Ambient elements. Go to Bandcamp or Beatport to see and listen to the full tracklist. Beatport link
  5. Enlusion

    Enlusion — Nautical Twilight / Resilience [Forescape Digital]

    Short videos with the project files here too:
  6. Electronlyman

    The Progressive Breaks Thread

    Couldn't believe this thread wasn't already started, so here we go. :) I'll start it off in style, with this freshly released masterpiece! :love: Madis - St. Mary's Trumpeter