1. G

    OUT Naz feat. Deanna Leigh - Underwater [Anjunabeats]

    Sweet little vocal tune if you aren't sick of those yet
  2. H

    Pablo Gargano - The 4 Seasonism EP [JOOF Recordings]

    Remember Pablo Gargano? He's back, in prog form! Summer Tribe is my favourite.
  3. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Jamie Baggotts - Vortex incl. RPO Remix [Forescape Digital]

  4. Sleepy Robot

    OUT John OO Fleming - The Explorer - Chapter 1 [JOOF Recordings]

    It's been a little while since we've seen new music from label boss John 00 Fleming, and for good reason. For the last couple of years he's been busy writing music taking time and care time to push new boundaries and as always pushing himself forward musically. Throughout this year we'll see the...
  5. Sleepy Robot

    Gordey Tsukanov - Misfaith EP

  6. M

    OUT Rafael Osmo - Homeland [Magic Island]

    Israel based veteran producer Rafael Osmo makes his Magic Island debut with the hypnotic progressive tune Homeland. Layers of synths swirl around over tight percussion to create a groovy and catchy track perfect for the dance floor. Get it here:
  7. Admin

    TranceFix Radio - New YT Mix Series (Inc EP 001)

    Hey guys, we are pleased to announce that TranceFix is now rejuvenating our Youtube Music channel and launching a new concept; Trancefix Radio. Here we will be releasing high quality mixes spanning across all eras and styles of Trance, Prog and general hypnotic electronic music, created and...
  8. Pinguin

    OUT Michael Cassette - Crockett's Theme [Anjunadeep]

  9. Electronlyman

    MOSHIC - Free & Beautiful (TBA)

    MOSHIC - Free & Beautiful From his upcoming album Major tune! :love:
  10. Gagi

    Sophisticated trance/progressive music

    Post the most sophisticated tracks that you know. Something complex, well made, subtle. This does not mean "post your favourite tracks", but to rather think about it and post something that really fits the description. Trance/progressive preferred, but I'll accept electronic music overall, if it...
  11. Electronlyman

    HOT RIGHT NOW - YouTube Playlist

    I figured it wouldn't be bad at all to create a dedicated thread for those of us, who enjoy listening, creating YouTube playlists. 🙂 This will hopefully be a great way to find new gems, discover music previously unknown to us.. I'll start off with a short 5-track one that I've put together in...