1. Vicmarran

    OUT Yotto - Would You Like Fries with That? [Odd One Out]

    Was waiting for this ID. From his latest album out today.
  2. Altair

    Altair - Frozen Fire

    This is my first fully original track in almost four years, and the first I made using all four of my hardware synthesizers. My favourite music always elicits certain environments in my head, so I aimed to capture more or less the same that's in the artwork. I also went for some Jon Hopkins...
  3. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT Allan McLoud - Pure Emotional Destruction EP [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    Hello again, after 3runo's single track, now it's time to welcome back again Allan, this time with a lovely, powerful and dark EP! It's now out on Beatport/Spotify/Apple music: Beatport: Pure Emotional Destruction from Landscapes Music on Beatport Also available via: Spotify: Apple Music...
  4. Uplifted

    My first ever trance mix

    So I've recorded my first ever trance mix 🥳 It was inspired by such compilations as Slinky, Global Underground, Euphoria etc., and also labels such as Platipus, Distinct'ive, Bonzai Progressive and many more. It's a selection of what I consider to be underrated progressive trance gems. Hope...
  5. Progrez

    Solarstone - Solarcoaster (2003)

    Original Mix looks like both Rich and Andy might have been inspired by Vangelis because I can hear Reve and Love Theme from Bladerunner as well. Midway Remix \o/
  6. Avitronic

    Avitronic - Some music I have released in the past years

    Hello people! I have an electronic music project that combines trance with other genres, I have released some albums and tracks that I would like to share with you: In this youtube playlist I included the last 3 singles I have released in 2021: Tracks from some older albums: Natural Collapse...
  7. Uplifted

    The Digital Blonde - Legato 22 / Callakuma 22 [JOOF]

    He's done it again 😍 Ricky Smith aka The Digital Blonde, the creator of NEON albums which are some of the best albums of the last few years, and my personal current favourite progressive trance producer, has decided to rework his timeless classic "Legato" which is my absolute favourite...
  8. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Cosmithex - Snowbird (Original / Trance Mixes) [Forescape Digital]

    Cosmithex hasn't quit producing after all. Out on BP now, soon also on Bandcamp. At first listens i prefer the original mix slightly over the trance mix actually.
  9. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Between Two Worlds 2021 (27-12-2021)

    Brand new Between Two Worlds 2021 is finally here! 2021 year was very cool for electronic music & gigs & gives us a lot of hits. I decided to make three parts of it - first part with progressive world of electronic music, second part with only trance and third part with non-stop mix of two these...
  10. Enlusion

    Gai Barone — You're Scaring Me (Slam Duck Remix)

    This new remix from Slam Duck is something extraordinary. It's been on repeat for me for months as I was lucky enough to have it on my computer way before the release date. I played it at least 5 times in various mixes as an ID. Definition of Progressive for me and the best track I've heard in...
  11. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Enlusion - Chrystaldee (incl. Rick Pier O'Niel Remix) [Forescape Digital]

    Original mix was already out through the album earlier this year , it's a lovely melodic breaks track. RPO remix is new for this release. Wasn't always a fan of his earlier work but his more recent work fits my taste palet much better.
  12. Sleepy Robot

    OUT John OO Fleming & Fuenka - Corruption (Chapter 3) [JOOF Recordings]

    New and probably? final chapter. I think it's solid.
  13. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Passion Podcast 029 (18-10-2021)

    Today's Passion Podcast episode new tunes from The Digital Blonde (from finest album N3ON), Boris Brejcha, ARTBAT, gardenstate, Genix (from album 199X), second my favourite tune from new Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance Forever albom & second hour full of uplifting trance on high bpm speed...
  14. M

    Nyram - Horizon [Magic Island]

    Yes - its the Nyram from 'Confirmation' with Fred Baker! We're blessed over at Magic Island to have him grace us with his return to music production! Horizon combines classic trance vibes with modern production techniques to create a stand out track...
  15. Horizons Landscapes Music

    Trance.Com - 2002 EP [Landscapes Music]

    Hello again, Here's something "new" from my said a little while ago, we're going to push things slightly different with Tranc-ier releases (White background) vs Dark Progressive releases (Black background) plus, every now and then, an exclusive remix which, again, could be either...
  16. Katadunkass

    TranceFix Radio #004 - "Embryonic" by Horizons

    The fourth episode is mixed by the founder of Landscapes Music label, Horizons. His music has solidified him as a progressive powerhouse with various support from some of the greatest DJ's around and he is committed to deliver pure, progressive, underground music. This episode is a mixture of...
  17. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Facade - Altona (incl. John Dopping Remixes) [JOOF Recordings]

    Not sure on the labeling of the tracks. It says John did the remixing of both tracks but labeling suggests part 1 is his original production. It's not totally clear for me. Or they just messed it up them selves. Part 1 Part 2 Part 1 (John Dopping Remix) Part 2 (John Dopping Remix)
  18. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Narel - Relinquish [JOOF Recordings]

    Loving this. It has some Baseline vibes.
  19. G

    OUT Cosmic Gate - Feel It [Wake Your Mind]

    Pretty hot I'd say, if you can turn the l33t off: